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About Us:

At Puget Sound Pro Services, we are committed to providing a safe and clean air environment for your home. Our chimney cleaning, air duct cleaning, and chimney repair specialists are professionally trained and fully equipped to provide an excellent result.

We currently offer a variety of services including: air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, and chimney repair. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties.


"Let Us Clean The Air You Breathe"
Chimney Sweep / Repair

Our technicians work together to improve the quality of air and create a warmer, cleaner environment in your home. The technicians thoroughly inspect and clean the smoke self and damper, inspect the chimney caps, crowns, mortar and brick for harmful cracks, and provide a report with photos and a free quote for any repair or rebuild work needed.

Additional Services available upon request:

Special services include: 

pressure washing roofs, driveways and sidewalks, 

gutter and roof cleaning, and more...

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Air Duct / Dryer Vent / furnace Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning services include: cleaning and inspection of dryer vents, air ducts, clean air returns and furnaces. Non-harmful, safe, anti-bacterial sanitizer is available upon request. We also offer custom electrostatic life time washable filters for all furnaces and returns.

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